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Science and Technology: RFID, ultra-low frequency, 5G, and Brain Implants

Sound sci-fi-esque? It is. On April 5, "the U.S. Defense Department's Defense Innovation Board is recommending the department to prioritize using the sub-6 gigahertz spectrum for the development of 5G networks instead of mmWaves, Inside Cybersecurity reported April 5. The board is arguing that the United States should prioritize the same part of the spectrum that China is in developing its 5G networks to maintain the predominant U.S. position in the telecommunications industry. U.S. carriers are currently focused on building out mmWaves for 5G use due to its high bandwidth." What was not reported is these are the most common frequencies for RFID-brain implants, where limited public information has been made available, but is verifiable:

Via Defense One: Here’s What the Next Brain Implant Will Be Made Of https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2014/10/heres-what-next-brain-implant-will-be-made/97190/

Via Splinter News: DARPA found an easy way to implant chips in brains


Via Society and Technology: Socio-Ethical Implications of Implantable Technologies in the Military Sector https://technologyandsociety.org/socio-ethical-implications-of-implantable-technologies-in-the-military-sector/

Via Wiki's DARPA page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SyNAPSE


This is no hoax, despite a disinformation campaign on-line. Obama announced during his office as being tested by the U.S. Government for the treatment of PTSD in soldiers.

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