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For nearly any situation, H-Fin Capital Advisors can provide the appropriate hotel capital solution for you.  Mr. Davis has previously led two U.S. investment banks (US$159 million) into cross-border hotel financing in Mexico for the first times respectively.  While leading CBRE Hotel Finance in the United States between 2008 and 2013, Mr. Davis led the largest hotel financing for CBRE post-Great Recession, the $88 million financing of the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.  Mr. Davis was a leading CBRE Debt & Equity Finance professional and member of its inaugural Structured Finance team.  We specialize in optimizing the capital stack to meet our client's needs: senior debt, bridge financing, mezzanine financing, preferred equity, construction loans, and joint-venture equity.


H-Fin Weekly Market Update

In a Sea of Data, we Distill what's Moving Markets 4 You

Our Weekly Market Update takes stock of the leading U.S. and global macro indicators, and geopolitical events that drive global interest rate markets, the cost of capital, and risk premia.  We utilize this vantage point to guide all of our engagements and investments.  Foremost, this regular analysis is the framework that guides our top down analysis for our Proprietary Securities Trading.  In 2008, Mr. Davis portfolio generated a return of +42%.  While not investment advice, his writings our often filled with ideas of mispriced assets. 


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Portfolio optimization, buy-and-hold analyses, comprehensive deal underwriting, interest rate strategy, hedging strategy, and capital markets and asset market, and asset research.

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